Useful tips

A quick answer, based on the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, is "First visit to the dentist by the first birthday". This may seem too early for some parents. However, research has shown that infants are at greater risk of developing caries, ie "holes in children's teeth".

More than 1 to 4 children in the USA have at least one decayed tooth by the age of four. Many children develop caries from the age of 2 years.

Thus, to prevent tooth decay, parents should be informed as soon as possible of their child's risk of developing tooth decay, as well as receive advice for the diet, oral hygiene and the use of fluoride to prevent tooth caries.

At the first visit of the child at the age of one year, the parents will be informed about:

- how to brush the child's teeth
- how to use fluoride properly
- how to avoid oral habits such as finger sucking
- ways to avoid dental and facial injuries
- the teeth eruption and the general development / formation of teeth and jaws
- relationship between diet and oral health
After the first visit, the dentist will recommend a re-examination schedule (ex every 3-6 months or once a year) depending on the child's needs.