Protection from COVID

Our pediatric clinic provides dental care to our young patients based on the protocols of EODY (national organization of public health) and the updated guidelines and recommendations of the Hellenic Dental Federation.

In order to be permitted to come to the pediatric clinic, please send an SMS from your mobile phone to the number 13033 free of charge. The SMS must be in the form: 1 [blank] name and home address. Code 1 corresponds to the exit reason "Go to a pharmacy or visit a doctor, if recommended, after contact." In case you come from another region outside Attiki, you can contact us and we will send you a written confirmation of your appointment.

Before your visit

  • Please call in advance to book an appointment for your child! In case it is something urgent, contact us immediately to let you know what time you can come to the pediatric clinic. We do not accept patients without an appointment in order to avoid overcrowding in the waiting room.
  • Let us know if you or your child have symptoms of flu (cough, fever, sore throat) or if you have recently had contact with a COVID-19 patient.
  • The child should come to the dental office with one parent, when possible.
  • Arrive at the exact time of your appointment, not earlier, not later.


  • Clean your hands and the child's hands with an antiseptic gel given at the entrance.
  • Parents and children must wear a mask throughout their stay at the clinic. The pediatric dentist will inform the child when he/she should take the mask off in the treatment area.
  • After use of a toy by your child, please spray it with the antiseptic spray available in the play room.
  • The dentist receives additional protective equipment and needs more time for adequate ventilation, disinfection of surfaces and frequent change of protective equipment.


  • Clean your hands and the child's hands with an antiseptic gel given at the entrance.

Consistency in following the instructions is a prerequisite for ensuring public health. 

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