Dental practice

Our pediatric clinic is located in a renovated apartment especially designed for children. It has the newest dental equipment in order to ensure the comfort and the safety of our young patients. It includes 6 rooms (the waiting room, the playroom, the treatment room, the sterilization room and two wc)

The waiting and playroom have been designed to be friendly to parents and especially children. The playroom has lots of toys and a table with pencils so that our young guests can paint.

The treatment room is decorated with the paintings of our young patients who donate to us with great enthusiasm. The German dental chair (Sirona Dental Systems Inc-Siemens) has a TV screen so that the children can watch animation movies during the dental session and feel more familiar and relaxed. In addition, the dental practice has a modern X-ray machine which is connected to a phosphor plate scanner, in order to reduce to the minimum rate the radiation received by children during the X-ray examination. At the same time, the phosphor scanner produces high quality analysis of their anterior and posterior intraoral radiographs.

Finally, in the sterilization room, all the instruments are sterilized in a state-of-the-art autoclave machine. Our main concern is the strict application of all the hygiene rules so that the examination and treatment of our children can be done in the safest way.

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